About Me


Hello! I’m Julie Adreani

Certified Medium and Healing Practitioner

My earliest memory of being able to see and sense spirit was at the early age of four. My guardian in a suit and derby hat has served me well through the years. I can’t and don’t take credit for my abilities, God made me this way. I’ve dedicated my life to God and my family with a high degree of paranormal ability thrown in. This is a very natural and undeniable ability.The more I use my abilities the more balance I find in my daily life.I grew up and have always lived in the Chicago metropolitan area. To me being a medium is not a profession so much as it is a life of service.My experiences have given me an existence that is very personally and professionally fulfilling. This work is very humbling. I am forever grateful and thankful. I feel like I’m living life at my fullest. My family and home are my favorite things. French cheesecake is a serious weakness, and as my girlfriends can attest to I also like liquid spirits and can yap endlessly when in the company of both. My goal is to have everyone walk away in  a better place than before they met me.  The deceased have so much to share about what creates a happy successful life  and it is my great honor to share their messages. 

Working with Julie as amazing. She gave me specific messages about my mother-n -law. For example Julie conveyed to me to display the lamps with roses on them. This was amazing evidence.These lamps are very old and dear to my mother-n-law. Julie had no prior knowledge of them. The specific and detailed information were evidence that convinced me that my loved one was communicating through Julie. The information brought through was very loving and healing. Julie is truly gifted with the ability to speak with souls whom have passed.I highly recommend Julie to anyone interested in speaking to loved ones on the other side.

Deanna Leigh