Working with Julie as amazing. She gave me specific messages about my mother-n -law. For example Julie conveyed to me to display the lamps with roses on them. This was amazing evidence.These lamps are very old and dear to my mother-n-law. Julie had no prior knowledge of them. The specific and detailed information were evidence that convinced me that my loved one was communicating through Julie. The information brought through was very loving and healing. Julie is truly gifted with the ability to speak with souls whom have passed.I highly recommend Julie to anyone interested in speaking to loved ones on the other side.

Deanna Leigh

Julie is the best medium I have ever met. Before I met her I had visited a few famous mediums in the world but none of them could ever get my grandma in spirit.Julie did along with evidence of what she did for her livelihood. Julie kept being shown many loaves of breads and pastries. My grandparents owned and ran a bakery. Julies descriptions of my grandmother  were incredibly accurate. She was also able to bring through a very dear friend who had passed Julie gave information that nobody could know except me.I was fascinated. The best part came at the end of the reading when Julie said my friends foreign name exactly as spoken in the Russian language.Her name is a very unusual and difficult one. I was overwhelmed at the moment and in the coming days after Julie’s reading. Thank you dear Julie you are absolutely amazing!

Beki Lovett

Julie is a very talented psychic medium.I have had several readings with her . Each time she is so sincere and gave me specific evidence from spirit.. Her mediumship is very accurate and spirit messages are very loving. Thank you Julie. I highly recommend Julie


I received a mediumship reading from Julie recently and was amazed at her accuracy, sincerity, and compassion! Julie brought through my mother who has been deceased for over 6 years. Her physical description of my mom – hair color and length, other features was spot on. Julie was able to “paint a picture” of my childhood home – describing in detail the kitchen, the big kitchen window looking out over our long back yard with flower gardens. Even the canning of jams I did with my mom and my mom’s love of cooking are details no other medium has ever brought forth. However the real clincher was when Julie described the special made white apron I wore many years ago as a “page” at a large PEO convention at which my mother presided as president. I was blown away and needless to say in tears. That is a special event and close bond I shared with my mom! My mother told her that I still have the apron. Yes, I still do! Thank you so much Julie for your gift of mediumship! The emotional healing you facilitated by bringing through my mother is beyond words.  


I recently had an amazing Angel Reading with Julie Adreani over the internet ( I wasn’t sure if a reading over the internet would be the same as in person). The reading was excellent!  Before the reading I did not give Julie any information about any concerns or questions I had about my life. The messages Julie brought forth in the reading were insightful, detailed, confirming, and covered all the areas I wanted addressed.  Julie is warm and welcoming, she puts you at ease immediately.  The reading was a wonderful experience.  I plan to book a mediumship reading and have recommended her to many of my friends. 

Columbus, OH